Sales Managers

We engage with sales managers in those activities deemed crucial to their job such as: sales meetings, performance evaluations or customer reviews. We observe, code and analyze communication patterns and behaviors. Jointly, we encourage a critical evaluation of the effectiveness of these actions in relation to the intended outcomes.

We have a track record in encouraging in-depth and insightful dialogues with those we coach. Trustworthiness often emerges in these interventions, facilitating underpinning processes of effective coaching such as sensemaking, self-awareness and confidence building. We help sales managers balance potentially competing priorities, (customer vs. own organization), paradoxes (developing vs. controlling sales teams) and dilemmas (long vs. short term accomplishment).

Account Managers and Sales Representatives

Very often the ‘moment of truth’ in professional selling is when the sales person meets the customer. We ‘immerse’ ourselves in customer interactions, accompanying the sales person to real sales meetings as participant (but not active) observers. We are almost always able to ‘see’ things the sales person does not perceive. We analyze the customer situation recognizing phenomena that may have gone unnoticed. Jointly with the sales person, we derive plausible hypothesis of what courses of action and sales strategies will most likely result in increased sales and more meaningful relationships.

We co-design a plan for embedding sales behaviors and thought processes that underpin sustained sales performance.