Our Aproach

Flexible customer intimacy

We believe that the long lasting results we seek to achieve, depend on our ability to gain an in-depth understanding of your business and your organization, to engage in collaborative work with you, and to respond flexibly to your requirements and needs.


We often work with Sales Directors, Marketing Executives and HR Business Partners. We believe in the power of integrating the perspectives of these and other functional areas. Our own trajectories and areas of expertise are multidisciplinary combining specialist knowledge in sales effectiveness and management development with generalist business acumen.

Beyond ‘best practice’

We tend to be skeptic with the concept ‘best practice’. We believe that an intervention in context ‘A’ may not generate the desired outcomes in context ‘B’. Rather than implementing ‘best practice’ we adopt a design approach to jointly create and roll out interventions that are context-sensitive and are fit for the purpose of your particular organization.


We have worked in sales for almost twenty years. We have also completed doctoral studies and are actively involved in conducting research in sales that has impact on business development. We use sales and management research to inform our ‘practical solutions’.