Our work is mostly focused on the key driver of sales performance: your sales force. Utilizing both collaborative and benchmarking tools, we diagnose the areas of potential improvement of your sales force and individuals. We assess the definition and content of key roles (e.g. sales executives and account managers) and the extent to which they are aligned with your sales strategy.

Sales management strategies

We assist organizations in choosing sales force management approaches that are consistent with the culture of the organization and the dynamics of the markets in which they operate. We help address team conflict and enhance team cohesion using proven methodologies and validated tools.

Target setting and rewards

We analyze your Target and Performance Measurement systems to ascertain their alignment with your strategic objectives. We propose enhancements to the way you establish sales quotas to achieve the best business results and minimize the potential dysfunctional behaviors associated with sales targets. We bring our expertise in Compensation and Rewards to design sales incentives schemes that drive performance and attract, motivate and retain your best talent.